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Winter Release 2023

Noriaki Edition?

The past 6 months at Sana have been our most rewarding yet. We’ve refined our learning platform down to the last pixel and iterated rapidly on our new knowledge assistant, Sana AI. While the features evolve, our mission remains the same—to augment human intelligence and advance the world.

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Every organization that chooses Sana places trust in our technology and our team. We don’t take it for granted.

Thank you for continuing to inspire so many of our product updates, big and small.

The Sana product team


Using AI to democratize learning data analysis

We’ve rebuilt our analytics from the ground up. With AI and flexibility at the core. Create custom dashboards that reveal the data you want to see, then ask Sana to generate insights that identify opportunities to drive more learning.

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Drag-and-drop dashboards

From bars and lines to tables and percentages, you can visualize learning data in a way that speaks to everyone.

Slice and dice performance

Measure impact and problem-solve at lightning speed by building dashboards on all the learning metrics you can think of.

Sharing is caring

Foster a culture of openness and continuous learning by seamlessly sharing performance dashboards with business partners and managers.

Your AI learning analyst

We’ve brought generative AI to learning analytics so you can chat with Sana about your learning data and uncover insights faster.


Crafting the world’s most automated LMS

L&D teams waste too much time on manual tasks like enrolling users, scheduling programs, and nudging learners. We set out on a mission to automate every single one so you can finally focus on what matters.

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Automated assignments

Reduce overwhelm and increase completion without the manual effort. In Sana, you can configure a sequence of learning tasks with set time gaps and due dates, and let it run.

Automated email campaigns

Marketing meets L&D. Create automated and customized email campaigns that help you drive learning and increase activation.

Customizable journey enrollment

You could already enroll users automatically in learning programs based on chosen attributes. Now, you can customize those rules at any time.

User attribute management

The enabler to all learning automation in Sana got more flexible. Build learning programs based on existing HR system attributes or create your own.

Setting exercises

Managing and grading exercises has never been simpler. Set custom scoring criteria, add reviewers, and filter though all submissions at a glance.

Automated certificates

Not only can you create and edit on-brand certificates. You can schedule them to arrive right on time.

Classroom scheduling

Eliminate the coordination stress by managing in-person and hybrid sessions directly in Sana. On top of live remote training, of course.

HR system integrations

We’ve added over 50 HR and AT-system integrations so that everyone can automate content enrollments, scale employee onboarding, assign user access rights, and create custom reports.

“Delight comes in all shapes and sizes, and the Noriaki Edition is a testament to that. Select larger features sit alongside countless small touches that ladder up to a greater whole.”

Sibo Wei · Senior Product Manager


Unleashing more potential through immersive learning

From personalized to-dos and challenging learning formats to accessible certificates and content libraries, Sana has never been a more enriching place to learn.

A more personal Home

With a personalized to-do list, more structured recommendations, and a fresh look and feel, the new homepage helps every learner take ownership of their unique learning journey.

Learning leaderboard

Add a little friendly competition into the mix. Top performers appear on everyone’s homepage to encourage learners to up their game.

AI voiceover for courses

A major accessibility and flexibility boost. Learners can choose to listen to courses with our new AI text-to-speech functionality.

Multimodal exercises

On top of free text and doc uploads, learners can submit videos for exercises and receive detailed feedback on top of their grade. Ideal for sales enablement.

Timed assessments

A small detail to drive learner focus and engagement. By setting a time limit for assessments, you can simulate real-world scenarios and challenge learners to think on their feet.

Shareable certificates

Make every achievement count. Learners can download certificates directly from their personal library and display them on LinkedIn.

Reflections as conversations

A much-awaited engagement lift for live and self-paced content. Learners can respond to each other's comments in a reflection card and keep the conversation going.

Synced video watching

Live session facilitators can now decide if everyone watches the video at the same time by selecting 'Follow me' before pressing play.

Improved live session stability

Tons of behind-the-scenes upgrades and adjustments ensure your live sessions run smoothly and efficiently, regardless of size or internet connection strength.

Content library integrations

Make the most of all your learning resources. We’ve expanded Sana’s range of course library integrations so you can synchronize, assign, and track everything in one place.


Accelerating collaborative authoring with AI

Content is the greatest barrier to scaling learning. If you thought Sana’s editor already empowered teams to share knowledge quickly, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

AI-generated courses

Save time and maximize resources by letting AI transform your existing PDFs into interactive Sana courses in a matter of minutes.

Enhanced image generation

Polish your courses without design support. We upgraded to Dall-E 3 so your AI-generated images more accurately represent your ideas.

AI-generated questions

One of our earliest AI authoring features gets a much-needed upgrade. Sana now generates more creative and varied multiple choice questions based on your course content.

Version history

If you need to restore something you created earlier, you’ll find all historical versions of your content in the top right of the editor. See who made what changes and when, and always stay in control.

Streamlined content access

Manage group learning more easily with Teamspaces. Organize content with folders and sub-folders, control accessibility, and invite open contributions.

More flexible tables

By popular demand, tables are easier to create and edit. We felt your pain and hope you’ll excuse the delay on this one.

Improved navigation

The new sidebar helps you move between different platform areas, find assigned or recent content, and see the outline of whatever you’re viewing.

Rearrangeable flip cards

The definition of a small delighter. You can now rearrange the order of your flip cards once you’ve written them and perfect the order in less time.

Smoother content storage

From bulk importing content to listing courses from external libraries, it’s never been easier to control who sees what in Teamspaces.

AI content translation

Now in even more languages. You can ask Sana to translate an entire course or live session from scratch.

The story behind the Noriaki Edition

We’ve dedicated the Sana Winter Release 2023 to quality management professor Noriaki Kano.

In the 1980s, Noriaki Kano developed a new approach to modeling customer satisfaction. Challenging conventional beliefs, he argued that the most appreciated products don’t just solve functional needs. They also create delight and joy.

We’ve made 80+ product updates across our learning platform and AI assistant in the past 6 months. There’s a bit of joy in every single one.

“Building for joy creates joy. That’s the beauty of following the principles of Noriaki Kano—our designers and engineers can obsess over quality, pursue the unexpected, and hone their craft in the process.”

Rita Azevedo · Strategic Learning Partner Manager

Sana AI

Unlocking your company’s knowledge with AI

We waste too much time searching for information, navigating between tools, and repeating manual tasks. Sana AI integrates with all your company’s apps so employees can search, chat, and automate their way to a more fulfilling working life.

Custom assistants per department

From Sales and CS to HR and Ops, you can customize an assistant to each team’s unique context and needs without writing code.

24/7 expert chat

An all-knowing assistant fit for any team, Sana AI unblocks work by answering FAQs and unlocks new ideas as a brainstorming partner.

Semantic search across every app

From Slack to Salesforce, Google to Notion, Sana searches all your company's knowledge so you don’t have to. Now with more integrations.

Meeting summaries and notes

Sana AI transcribes, summarizes, and indexes your meetings so everyone can be present and no valuable insights get lost.

Real-time knowledge analytics

Monitor the quality of your assistant's responses and identify where you might need to create new content for frequently-asked questions.

Leveraging the best AI models

Sana AI leverages multiple state-of-the-art AI models to ensure the best outcome for each task. We explore and upgrade continuously.

Meet Galileo

The world’s first expert assistant for HR. Brought to you by The Josh Bersin Company. Powered by Sana AI.

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. These are the moments that make us.

Curated by Lauren Crichton. With help from Sana AI.


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